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In the 60’s, in the north of the Department of Antioquia the situation of the small producers was chaotic, mining ended and subsistence depended on a production of 20 liters (676.28 oz) daily by family.

In Medellín the situation was not the best, the Mayor of the city prohibited raw milk sales and the milk oligopoly controlled 95% of the market, the vital liquid was only sold every two (2) days or 2 liters (67.63 oz) per person.


Even so, the desire of the small producers continued. Sixty five farmers, with the support of the Secretariat of Agriculture, in a small town called Don Matías, founded on the 24th of June 1964, COOLECHERA.
Also, a small shop was opened to sell animal supplies. In 1965, a liquidation of the Cooperative was ordered due to negative results of more than a 50% loss of the capital. During the first ten years of its existence, the Cooperative went bankrupt three times.
In 1973, the new management arrived, headed by Dr. Jenaro Pérez, a former Secretary of Agriculture, who had been professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Universidad de


Antioquia, and Director of the Investigation and Diagnosis Center at the Zooprofilactic Institute of Colombia, and therefore well known by farmers and recognized by governmental institutions.
The “Cooperativa Lechera de Antioquia” obtained some loans from the national government and the growth of the company was unstoppable. In 1976, COLANTA started producing 8 thousand liters of milk per day, Today, COLANTA produces and processes: Pasteurized milk, U.H.T. milk, powdered milk, cheese and milk derivates, all summing up to 2.5 millions liters of milk per day, provided by 12 thousand associates, each one produces an average of 180 liters of milk per day. Together with 4 thousand associated workers, they showed Colombia the value of a cooperative system, which was developed in England in 1845.

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